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MICHEL Rubber Patch for Steel Cord Tyre is made of semi-vulcanized layer and vulcanized reinforced layer.

After applying the tube solution, the semi-vulcanized layer can be completely vulcanized without heating so as to make a perfect sticking.








  Carton Size(cm)




  110 x 210mm



  52.5 x 25.5 x 23.8




  125 x 365mm



  39.3 x 32.2 x 20






Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre

Company Information

Zhongshan Mike Chemical Co., Ltd. is the Chinese branch of American Mike International Co., Ltd., and has invested in a number of branches in China. It is a chemical product manufacturing and sales company dedicated to high-tech fields, specializing in the production of automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. Cold glue repair series, viscose series, car beauty, care series, automatic hand paint series and lubricant series products. With international professional production line, advanced testing equipment, strict production control, and modern management, the employees in each process in the production process are strictly required by militarized management standards. Each series of products is complete and has passed strict ISO9001 quality system certification.

Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre


The company was established in May 1983. After more than 30 years of hard work, it has become one of the strong manufacturers in China's cold glue industry, viscose series and automobile beauty care industry. In order to meet the fierce competition in the market and the quality of consumer goods, our company will build a new industrial park covering an area of 200,000 square meters, which will become the largest and strongest production base of Asian cold glue and aerosol products, and from the United States. The introduction of advanced technology and production equipment, in line with our 'high-tech production technology to produce high-quality products, provide quality services,' the purpose of continuous service to our new and old customers.


Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre  


Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre

Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre

Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre


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Cold Patch for Steel Cord Tyre