Tire maintenance and maintenance knowledge

The summer solstice has passed, and some areas of the country have entered the form of high-temperature exposure. I just want to say that there is only one difference between me and the barbecue. Summer is a high-risk period of puncture, do you know some common sense in life?

Check the replacement tires in time

The repair of the side-side hard injury points out that when loading the tire, the light point of the tire (the yellow circle on the valve) is to the right valve, because this is the lightest part of the tire. The tire often appears: scratches, marginal scars , scratches, oxidized cracks and fine scratches. Therefore, it is often necessary to check whether the tires are stuck or cracked with foreign matter. If there are scratches on the side of the tire, it is easy to form a leak or puncture. If there is a foreign matter, if it is High-speed tires, do not pull out temporarily, if it is a normal tire, you have to carefully pull out and replenish it quickly.

Ensure that the tire pressure is normal

First, the tire pressure is too high, the tire center wear speed is accelerated, resulting in uneven tire wear, the grounding area of the tire and the road surface becomes smaller, and the tire grip is reduced, which is not conducive to driving safety (especially when slippery road), and its shock absorption The effect is worse, the ride comfort is worse; the tire pressure is too low, the tire center wears less, the two ends wear more, resulting in uneven wear. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, it is easy to cause puncture, so it must be given according to the manufacturer's specifications. Tire inflation.